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Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry is quartely (January,April,July and October) Publication of association of Clinical Biochemists of India(ACBI).The primary mission of the journal is to promote improvement in the health and well being of community through the dvelopment and practice of clinical biochemistry and dissemination of knowledge and recent advances in this discipline among proffessionals,diagnostic industry, government and non-government organizations. Indian journal of clinical Biochemistry (IJCB) publisher peer reviewed article that contribute to the exiting knowledge in all fields of Clinical biochemistry, either experimental or theoretical,particularly deal with the applications of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology and immunology to the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and prevention of human diseases. The artical published also include those covering the analytical and molecular diagnostic technique, Instrumentation,data processing, quality assurance and accredition aspects of the clinical investigations in which chemistry has played a major role or laboratory animal studies with biochemical and clinical relevence. The journal is listed in :SCOPUS. Chemical Abstract Service(CAS),EMVASE, Expanded Academic, Google, INIS Atom Index,Ind Med, Index Copernicus, Indian Science Abstracts, MedInd,Chem. Refer,OCLC,Summon by Serial Solutions, Thomson Zoological Record, DOAJ, Google Scholar,World Cat,Directory of Open Acces journals. Open J-Gate.NLM.

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There has been persistent demand by members of ACBI since 1980 to publish a journal with a view to publish good research work in the field of clinical biochemistry , mainly of the members of ACBI. The executive commmittee of ACBI decided in 1985 to publish indian journal of clinical biochemistry from 1986 and appointed a learned member, Dr T. N. pattabiraman, professor of biochemistry, kasturba medical college , manipal(karnataka) as its first editor-chief. He was supported by a member of aditorial board. The first issue of journal was published in january 1986 .Since then the journal was published regularly twice a year- in january and july. Dr pattabiraman was succeeded by Dr P.P. singh professor of biochemistry, R.N.T medical college, Udaipur (rajasthan) in 1992 its second editor-in-chief. He succesfully published the journal from january issue of 1992 to july issue of 1994. Dr. P.S. Murthy, professor of biochemistry, University college of Medical sciences & G.T.B. Hospital, Shahadra , New Delhi-110002 took over from Dr.P.P. Singh from the january issue of 1995. His untiring effort brought good name to the journal. He continued as its Editor-in-chief till the publication of july 2001 issue of IJCB. Dr D.N. Rao,Profesor of biochemistry, All India Institute Of Medical, New delhi - 110001 succeded as its fourth editor-in-chief from january issue of 2002 and continurd till january issue of 2006. Dr. Praveen Sharma, Professor of biochemistry, S.M.S. medical college jaipur(rajasthan) was appointed as Editor-in -Chief in December 2005. He took over charge from Dr D.N. Rao in march 2006 and stated work on publication on IJCB from july 2006 issue in .In 21 years,IJCB has created its place in international forum as an important journal of clinical biochemistry.It now attracts papers from all over the world. However, it keeps major space for Indian authors."It is now indexed by Academic OneFile, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Elsevier Biobase, EMBASE, Expanded Academic, Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, Indian Science Abstracts, IndMed, INIS Atomindex, MedInd, OCLC, PubMed, SCOPUS, Summon by Serial Solutions, Zoological Record."                                                                                                                                                                        Top

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